About Me

I am a designer by day and a father, husband, fisherman, armchair sportsman by night and weekend. I also like a good strum of my guitar.

If I had to pigeon hole, which I don’t like to do, I would say I am a Product Designer, but I believe ‘Design Thinking’ is a broad way to problem solve and can  be applied to various problems. I love working in the digital space; problem solving, creating ideas, testing, revising, pivoting, designing and launching stuff.

I am interested in top level stuff, like customer experience and project methodologies but also can delve into the nitty gritty down to pixel counting – l love to solve a problem with an elegant interaction.

I have over 12 years experience designing, have a high level of experience in visual design skills and UX. I am passionate about producing great work. Get in contact with me if you think I can help – click here.